Monday, 28 March 2011

Reflections—Bryan Goh (7)

Throughout this journey, before the journey and even after, i observed many things, things that i never thought would even happening.
Before the journey itself, i learned that being prepared for the worse is a important skill. I learned that because, my group decided to meet at mcdonald's before the trip, to plan. However, we realized one thing, mcdonald's did not have wireless@sg. Amazingly, all the mcdonald's we had visited before had, however this one at Clementi Mall didn't. Fortunately, i brought my mobile modem, which allowed me to log in to the internet to know more about our task, use google maps to plan our route.
During the trip, i also realised that even though it was not the peak hour, trains were still very crowded, signifying a trend that i think is that companies do not always start and end at a specific time, but now they have more flexible timing, so that the employees will be more motivated to do their work.
At the Singapore river, we didn't know we were at first, but fortunately, we managed what we learned about map reading into the context, and we started off pretty soon. Along the way, we realised that the Singapore River's water was brownish, as if there were lots of mud, and even worse, we saw a cleaner dumping water in a garbage bin into the river itself. I have never expected something like that to have happened in Singapore.
At the ACM, we learned that it would be important to pick up the key points instead of investigating everything as we were running short of time, one thing that i can relate to this is actually time management, as we had spend lots of time around the river, taking photos and lesser time at the museum which we shouldn't have done.
Later on, we realised that we were supossed to take a photo in the beginning, but we forgot, so we had to back trek, and wasted lots of time just for that photo. So, it's important to read everything in great detail before embarking on something new.
However, i felt that this was a great field trip although we should have been given more time

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