Monday, 28 March 2011

Reflection - Chan Jing Jie

I enjoyed going on a field trip out to the Singapore River and Ancient Civilisations Museum. During the trip, we had fruitful learnings experiences, and absorbed lots of new knowledge. In the process, my group had lots of fun, chit-chatting, joking and laughing(of course :X). Going into the Ancient Civilisations Museum gave me a WOW-sensation. I did not know that it was so nicely made into, and I had a good time taking a look at the beautiful and eye-catching artifacts.
However, during the whole journey, some challenges were encountered. As we did not know of the requirements of the task beforehand, hence, we could not plan out the route that we would be taking. At Singapore River itself, we were unsure of which bridge was coleman bridge and anderson bridge. During the process, we were also confused on how to go to the ancient civilisations museum.
I think this eLearning Task could be improved if we know the task beforehand, so that we would be able to do our own research, which gives us a foundational knowledge of Singapore River and the different bridges. Like this, we would also be able the plan the route before embarking on it.

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