Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cultural Artifact

The 3 brushes shown above are calligraphy brushes meant to write or draw calligraphy according to their sizes. The largest one is to write single-letter words in big script while the middle and smaller-sized one is meant for writing the phrases in a 3 by 3 script. (九宫格)
In ancient China, the brush tips were made of bamboo and animal fur or tails. They were mainly made of wolf and sheep fur. Nowadays, the brush tips produced are much less authentic then before, making use of poor quality animal hair, therefore reducing the durability of the brush and thus making beginners discouraged when they use a bad brush. 
There are many different kinds of fonts for calligraphy such as 楷书,草书,and many others. Nowadays, 楷书 is more popular with beginners as it is very similar to what we are writing in chinese now, therefore making the task of learning easier. 草书 is more advanced and requires more skill, concentration and flair.

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