Monday, 21 March 2011

Social Aspect

You may not be able to see, but on these artifacts, there are chinese words carved on it.

Behind the construction of these epitaph, there is actually a story. It was a story that shows that filial piety was the motivation of the construction of these epitaph. The main message is to show that filial piety is practiced not only in this life, but also in death and beyond.

Basically, these two artifacts are meant to show Filial Piety in China. There was once, Confucius said "游不父必,母有游在方。” This statement means that "While our parents are alive, one must not travel afar. If one must, one's whereabouts should also be made known."

Other Information regarding the Social Aspect:
China has had a centralised system of power-- Where the emperor ruled from the heart of the Middle Kindom.
The Chinese Society has always been fairly meritocratic and upwardly mobile. People of lower social status could move up through society, especially through education.

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