Monday, 28 March 2011

Reflection - Cheng Ngee

I enjoyed walking along the trail the most, as we got to see many different sights and scenery that we do not usually see, and along the way, being in the group made the task all the more fun since we get to talk, and crack jokes along the way to the end. A few challenges we faced were that beforehand, no one knew that we needed to go to City Hall to complete the task, and therefore no preliminary work was done for the task. We also had no idea where the museum was, so we nearly got lost. Also, at the very beginning, my group was in-between 2 different bridges. Which was the Coleman Bridge and the Andersen Bridge we did not know, and we wasted time trying to figure out which was which. An area which my group could do better was to give out proper instructions and tasks to each member before we entered the museum, and read the instructions. We did not settle on which tasks each person should complete, and therefore we had many overlaps of the same artifacts in the museum. Also, in the beginning, we were supposed to take pictures of our group at the start and end of the trail. We did not manage to take a photo of the start of the trail since nobody looked through the instructions carefully, and we had to travel back to the start just to take the photo.

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